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Leveraging Advanced Metering Data to Improve Energy Operations and Reporting

As an energy manager, have you encountered challenges in obtaining advanced metering data? Once you have the data, are you unsure how to best leverage it to meet reporting requirements and make good decisions to improve energy operations? Advanced metering has long been acknowledged as a tool that can provide energy use data to energy managers but there continue to be challenges with reliably accessing and obtaining the meter data then using the data to improve energy operations and meet reporting requirements.

Making the Case for Ongoing Commissioning

Ongoing commissioning (OCx) has become an industry buzzword in recent years. Typically, OCx applies to new, high-performance buildings, in which a building automation system (BAS) collects and analyzes performance data to help fine-tune the building’s operation. However, such high-performance buildings make up a very small portion of the current building stock in the U.S.