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IoT PropTech Summit

Join PCL, Northbridge, Hub, BGIS, Tridel, Eddy Solutions, and more as we explore the growing world of Internet of Things (IoT) Property Technology and Building Automation. We will explore the building automation ecosystem in construction and completed buildings, and how IoT technology can reduce risks, improve efficiencies, and enhance resource management. You do not want to miss this one-day virtual event!

Powering the Growth Pipeline for the Built Environment

This webinar will present trends driving growth and innovation in the built environment. In a live session, research firm Frost & Sullivan will discuss trends driving growth and innovation for the built environment, with a focus on those supporting rebound and reentry strategy, and delivering to the future workplace. The presentation will be followed with a live growth diagnostic completed by all attendees that will enable participants to gain visibility into the strength of their organization's growth pipeline.