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Building Energy Modeling 101

Whole-Building Energy Modeling (BEM) is a multipurpose tool for energy efficiency, supporting design, operations, codes and standards, and research. This session aims to cover the various aspects associated with BEM in a practical but comprehensible way from the perspective of a practitioner. Besides the basic principles of BEM, such as the heat transfer in building systems and common energy modeling tools, this seminar also schematically illustrates the benefits of BEM in the design and operation of buildings for better energy performance.

Introduction to ASHRAE Guideline 36

This session introduces ASHRAE Guideline 36-2018 scope, information needed from HVAC system designer and TAB contractors, the general sequences for the entire system, for the ventilation zones, and for the thermal zones. Key sequences for single-duct VAV with reheat terminal units and for single zone VAV air handling unit with return fan are discussed in detail. Automated Fault Detection and Diagnostics (AFDD) algorithms for the single zone VAV air handling unit with return fan are explained.