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Air-side economizers are mechanical and control systems intended to utilize cool outside air to reduce building energy consumption. It is required by building energy codes such as International Energy Conservation Code, ASHRAE 90.1, and California Title 24. In this session, we will explain economizer concepts, describe controls setup, and learn when and how to apply air-side economizers. Industry best practice on implementing economizers will also be introduced. Detailed air-side economizer control sequences will be illustrated trough animation and a control programming example.

Pressure and Temperature Resets

Air handling unit (AHU) supply air static pressure and temperature resets are advanced control strategies that can save significant building energy in partial load conditions and are required by energy codes. In this presentation, we will introduce the AHU pressure and temperature reset concepts, describe different implementation options, and recommended AHU static pressure reset control setup. Industry best practices on implementing these resets will also be introduced.