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Multizone to Variable Volume Control Retrofit

Multizone air handling units are older units that are still prevalent in the DoD. This retrofit converts a pre-existing constant volume multizone system to a variable volume (MZ-VV) multizone. The technique makes changes in instrumentation and uses a novel control scheme to reduce energy consumption by reducing simultaneous heating and cooling and excess airflow to satisfied spaces. The retrofit is significantly less expensive and less disruptive than a full system change-out (to VAV) that would require demolition and installation of ductwork and terminal units.

Scalable Deployment of Advanced Building Energy Management Systems

This session introduces ESTCP EW-201015 which focused on the development and demonstration of an advanced building energy management system (aBEMS) that employs advanced methods of whole-building performance monitoring combined with statistical methods of learning and data analysis to enable identification of both gradual and discrete performance erosion and faults. Project technical objectives and key technical components are introduced first.